High strength 3D printing with the Mark Two

30 June 2016  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

Markforged release new materials

The Markforged 3D printers (Mark One & Mark Two range) are designed to use a nylon material that can be reinforced with continuous fibres producing high-strength, functional parts, models and components. 


As an alternative to printing with clear Nylon, Markforged have just released Onyx. Onyx is a nylon embedded with micro-carbon fibres, producing prints with good stiffness and a temperature resistance up to 145°C. Furthermore, with the addition of the micro-carbon fibres, it has an attractive matt black appearance. Onyx can be used standalone, or in conjunction with reinforcing fibres.

Markforged materials comparison image


What other materials are there?

Nylon. This is the common base material across the full Markforged range. It is flexible and tough and works well as an outer protective layer. It can be used standalone or with reinforcing fibres.


Onyx. Can be used as an alternative to a clear Nylon, but only on the Mark Two Enterprise model. It has the highest level of stiffness and heat resistance, as well as a matt black appearance. Can be used standalone or with reinforcing fibres.


Kevlar. Is a reinforcing fibre providing high abrasion and impact resistance.


Carbon Fibre. A reinforcing fibre adding high strength & high stiffness to printed parts. Capable of producing parts with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminium.


Fibreglass. This reinforcing fibre provides strength but at a lower stiffness and weight compared to Carbon Fibre. It is also electrically insulating.


High Temperature Fibreglass. A reinforcing fibre that can only be used on the Mark Two Enterprise model. It adds strength to printed parts and has a temperature resistance of 140°C. Ideally used in conjunction with Onyx when printing parts that require exposure to heat.

Mark Two composite 3D printer at CREAT3D


Different Markforged printer models

There are a variety of different models, the Mark One (available in Standard and Professional models) is the first generation composite 3D printer and is capable of printing in Nylon, with either Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass or Kevlar. The Mark One Standard is priced at £2,990.00 with the Mark One Professional at £4,990.00.


The recently released Mark Two has a 40% faster fibre printing process and the ability to add reinforcing fibres into part geometry 15 times smaller than with the Mark One.


Let's put it to the test

MarkForged 3D printers are a great tool for any engineer. Our clients are using them for a huge array of applications, including jigs & fixtures, tooling, moulds, sacrificial parts for production lines and final prototypes. With the addition of Onyx, there is also now a great opportunity to produce end-use parts and components or parts to provide directly to customers.


Order now or contact us to arrange an appointment to see the printers in action in our showroom in Reading. Or speak to a CREAT3D expert to understand where and how this printer can enhance your existing processes. We will talk you through the options available and run an example print so you can put it to the test.


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