Monday, 25 October 2021
Formlabs Announces Wash L and Cure L for Large Format Post Processing

Formlabs announces the Form Wash L and Form Cure L large-format post-processing units.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021
CREAT3D Welcomes Formlabs Fuse 1

We are excited to welcome the Formlabs Fuse 1 SLS 3D Printer to our product range!

Monday, 18 January 2021  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Formlabs Form 3L Lands at CREAT3D

Formlabs have released the new large-build Form 3L. Read about the the large format SLA 3D printer from Formlabs.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
New Flexible & BioMed Resins from Formlabs

New resins expand capabilities of Form 3 and Form 3B SLA 3D printers , as Formlabs announce new flexible and biomed resins.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
New Formlabs Tough 1500 Resin

Formlabs release new Tough 1500 resin for 3D Printing Stiff and Pliable Parts

Monday, 18 November 2019  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Formlabs Announce Form 3B Biocompatible SLA 3D Printer

Form 3B - dedicated to biocompatible resins for use in healthcare & dental industries 

Monday, 22 April 2019  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Formlabs Launch Form 3 and Form 3L

The New Form 3 and Form 3L, Low Force Stereolithography 3D Printers From Formlabs