Software for Additive Manufacturing

Add to your Additive Manufacturing capabilities with software for design generation or advanced 3D printing software.

Scan, measure, and compare dimensional accuracy of printed parts with Markforged Inspection. 

Download software for use with the CREAT3D range of 3D Printers, including Eiger for Markforged, Preform for Formlabs and Cura for Ultimaker.


Eiger 3D Printing Software

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Formlabs Fleet Control


Markforged Simulation


Nexa3D NexaX Software


Advanced file preparation and printer management software for production volume

Ultimaker Enterprise Software Platform


Enterprise software solution for Ultimaker 3D printers management


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Markforged Eiger

Markforged composite and metal 3D printers use advanced software Eiger, a cloud-based system offering collaboration across your organisation.

Nexa3D NexaX

NexaX 2.0 is an intelligent file preparation and printer management software to get from part to print in minutes, at production scale. 

Formlabs Preform

Formlabs Preform software prepares your 3D model with the ability to adjust a variety of parameters for fine-tuned printing.

Dashboard provides further functionality to manage printers, materials and your team.

Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker Cura advanced software streamlines your workflow and materials for maximum efficiency.

Use with Cura Connect to manage one or more network-enabled Ultimaker printers from a single interface.