Markforged HSHT Fibreglass CFF Spool

Markforged HSHT Fibreglass CFF Spool

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Product code:  MF-FG-0004


Markforged High Strength, High Temperature (HSHT) Fibreglass CFF Spool is a high quality specialist reinforcing fibre, for use with the Mark Two, X7 and FX20 3D printers.

HSHT Fibreglass is a material uniquely designed for users who need strong parts in higher temperature environments, over 105°C, with a heat deflection point of 150°C. 

Please note printing with HSHT Fibreglass is approximately 50% slower than printing with standard Fibreglass. 

Compatible with the Mark Two, Markforged X7 and FX20 models.

Select spool size when ordering: 50cc or 150cc

Markforged HSHT Fibreglass Technical Specifications

Markforged material properties data sheet.PDF

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