Nexa3D XiP Pro

Nexa3D XiP Pro

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With a 19.5 L build volume, and a print speed up to 24 vertical centimetres per hour, XiP Pro can fill out its entire build volume with prints in under two hours, making it ideal for rapid prototyping and final part production.

XiP Pro product features:

  • New powerful light engine with 7K LCD provides excellent resolution and detail in isotropic parts
  • Monochromatic LCD screen providing edge-to-edge uniformity, with a 46μm pixel size for fine details, smooth surfaces and improved accuracy at scale
  • Solid billet aluminium unibody frame provides durability and z-stage stability
  • Over 30+ available materials in smart resin cartridges
  • On-board sensors to automatically optimise prints and auto-homing

12 month manufacturer warranty included.

What's included with the Nexa3D XiP Pro?

1x Nexa3D XiP Pro industrial 3D printer
1x Tool Set
2x XiP Pro Build Platform
1x Resin Vat and membrane

Nexa3D XiP PRO Industrial 3D Printer Technical Specifications

XiP Pro
Print technology
Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) 7K
Current compatible material(s)
  • xMODEL15 (Grey / White / Black / Clear) 
  • xPRO410
  • xCERAMIC3280


  • xCE (Black)
  • xABS3843
  • xPP405 (Black)
  • xPEEK147 (Black)
  • xFLEX475 (Black / White)
  • xFLEX402
  • xMOLD
Build volume
19.5 litres
292mm (w) x 163mm (d) x 410mm (h)
Z resolution
25 μm - 200 μm
XY resolution
Printer dimensions
622mm (w) x 447mm (d) x 895mm (h)
Design file input
USB Cable / USB Drive / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
NexaX Pro software
User Interface
10" high resolution LCD touch screen
Billet Aluminium
Manufacturer warranty
12 months

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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