Nexa3D NXE400

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Nexa3D NXE400

Product code: NXP-NXE400



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Available to pre-order for delivery from Q4 2019


The NXE400 by Nexa3D is revolutionising Additive Manufacturing. Inspired by Stereolithography, the NXE400 uses LSPc technology (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) to print accurate parts at ultrafast speeds, providing a tool for true rapid prototyping and design iteration, as well as small batch manufacturing capabilities at injection moulding quality. 


The NXE400 is capable of reaching top print speeds of 1 Z centimetre per minute, drastically reducing 3D printing cycles of precision parts from hours and days, to minutes and seconds.


The NXE400 features:

  • Continuous 3D printing at speeds of up to 1 Z centimetre per minute

  • Large print volume of 16 litres

  • Produces accurate, durable prints of injection moulding quality

  • Tailored materials with unique chemical and physical properties

  • Cognitive, advanced 3D print software

12 month manufacturer warranty included.


Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial 3D Printer Technical Specifications


Print technology

Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) 





NEXA Tough

NEXA Super Tough

Build volume

16 litres

270mm (w) x 160mm (d) x 400mm (h)


0.1mm / 100 microns

0.05mm / 50 microns

0.025mm / 25 microns

Design file input STL
Manufacturer warranty 12 months


Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.