MarkForged Eiger Software Update

1 July 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Simplify3D Software Update

MarkForged, manufacturers of the composite desktop 3D Printer, the Mark One have released further enhancements to their 3D printing software, Eiger.


Eiger is the Mark One's incredibly intuitive and advanced software, which now features additional functionalities that make processing a part with fibre reinforcement, faster and even easier. 


The additional features include:


The Internal View

  • Fill and reinforcement properties for single or multiple layers can be directly edited on the slider bar
  • Roof and floor layers are automatically filled with Nylon above and below fibre layers
  • Instructional video tutorials included in the app to guide part reinforcement


Slicer Updates

  • New Fibre Fill Algorithm: Full Fibre fits fibre into more places
  • The new Thin Features Setting offers a greater ability to print thin parts
  • Overall improvement in part surface finish 


Performance Updates

  • Rotating and scaling high resolution models in the Part View screen is faster
  • Part Slicing on Internal View screen while using the Layer Editor is faster


Read more on the Mark One Composite 3D Printer or contact the CREAT3D Team to discuss the printer and its software in more detail.


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