MakerBot Desktop Software Update

15 June 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
MakerBot Desktop Software Update

MakerBot have just released the latest update to their MakerBot Desktop Software, compatible with the range of MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers


The software sees some fantastic enhancements to the software in the form of custom profile setting, allowing for greater flexibility and control for more complex prints in the 5th Generation range of desktop 3D printers.


The new custom profile editor allows for customised print settings for your part, including control over:

  • Extruder temperature
  • Print speed
  • Infill & number of shells
  • Layer height
  • Raft and supports


The software also retains a "Quick Print" function which has preset options of "Low, Standard & High" for default print settings. 


This latest software update enables the MakerBot 5th Generation range of desktop 3D printers to retain their simplicity and ease of use, whilst also enabling more experienced users to fine tune their prints.


MakerBot Desktop version 3.7 is now available to download for both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. 


Review the full list of enhancements and update your software by downloading the new MakerBot Desktop software now.


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