CREAT3D adds the Mark One Composite 3D printer to product range

7 May 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
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7th May 2015


CREAT3D adds the Mark One Composite 3D printer to product range.


CREAT3D is the first UK specialist to offer the new FFF / CFF desktop 3D printer by MarkForged.


CREAT3D Ltd (, the UK’s leading independent specialist retailer of desktop 3D printers is pleased to announce the addition to their product range with MarkForged’s new Mark One Composite 3D Printer.


MarkForged was founded by an MIT aerospace engineer who spent many years designing and manufacturing high performance composites in the Autosport industry. The motivation behind creating the Mark One was to use 3D printing hardware to automate the composite layup process to offer a broader capability than standard FDM desktop 3D printers, whilst producing high-strength parts that would have an end use application.


Simon Chandler, Managing Director of CREAT3D states, “We are absolutely thrilled to be adding the Mark One 3D printer to our existing line-up of high quality desktop 3D printers. As the UK’s supplier of MarkForged products, this printer offers an unparalleled ability to really push product design and development for both our Business and Higher-Education customers. With the ability to print in Nylon with fibre reinforcements, it provides the opportunity to create not only advanced prototypes, but high quality end-use parts. No other desktop 3D printer in the market today offers the same combination of high-strength functional prints, and low purchase and operating costs”


Matt Katzman, Director of Sales at MarkForged affirms: “ MarkForged is thrilled to partner with CREAT3D.  CREAT3D’s wealth of knowledge about the desktop 3D printing market makes them a true value added reseller, providing superior pre-and-post sales support.  We look forward to working together to expand use of the Mark One in the UK.”


The revolutionary Mark One is a stylish yet incredibly functional desktop 3D printer, ideally suited for engineering applications. With dual extruders, the Mark One uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and CFF (Composite Filament Fabrication) to provide functional nylon parts with the ability to add reinforced fibres in Carbon Fibre, Kevlar® or Fibreglass, producing parts with the strength of aluminium. With the Mark One, you can also pause a print and add components before continuing the print, allowing you to embed sensors, electronics, hard mounting points and more into the 3D printed part.


What makes the Mark One 3D Printer so different from the rest? Incredibly strong parts. The Mark One uses engineering grade nylon to evenly fill contours and curves with close-packed reinforcement. The printer actively switches between two nozzles during a print, creating fibre-reinforced plastic parts with a strength-to-weight ratio better than aluminium. Finished parts are at least five times stronger than the plastic routinely used in 3D printing, enabling engineers to print real parts, tooling, and fixtures.


Greg Mark, Founder and CEO of MarkForged, explains “We're making the most mechanically robust desktop 3D printer. No other printer can match the printing repeatability and print head accuracy at this price. On top of that, we've commercialised the best method for printing usable parts with fibre reinforcement to enable faster design cycles, more meaningful prototype testing and will change the way that products are developed for years to come.”


The Mark One can connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB memory stick and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It comes with MarkForged’s Eiger Software which is Cloud Enabled to allow for easy access and collaboration, with faster processing times.


The Mark One is priced at £4,000.00 excl. VAT and CREAT3D provide 6 day a week Technical Support.


Full details of the MarkForged product range is available online at


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CREAT3D Ltd. CREAT3D is the UK’s leading specialist in desktop 3D printers, 3D scanners and accessories for business and education. The company, which began in 2012, is based in Berkshire and operates within the United Kingdom. CREAT3D’s showroom is based in Caversham, Reading. CREAT3D has a hand-picked product range specifically tailored to the needs of its business and education customers. The CREAT3D team prides itself on its detailed knowledge gained through using, and challenging, its range of products every day. CREAT3D focuses on offering first-class customer service with friendly, straight-forward help and advice, with technical support available 6 days a week and tailored training packages.


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