MakerBot Clean Air System

MakerBot Clean Air System
MakerBot Clean Air SystemMakerBot Clean Air SystemMakerBot Clean Air SystemMakerBot Clean Air System

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The MakerBot Clean Air System partners with the MakerBot Method, Method X and Method X Carbon Edition to create a cleaner working environment. Compatible with range of MakerBot Method and Method X 3D printers.

The MakerBot Clean Air System features:

  • HEPA Filtration - HEPA filtration removes Ultra Fine Particles (UFPs) from the air
  • Smart Control - Clean Air plugs directly into the printer's on board computer allowing it to be throttled up or down depending on material and chamber temperature
  • Easily Replaceable Filters - Clean Air lets the user know when it is time to change the filters, which slide in and snap out easily

As a Professional level MakerBot Authorised Partner, we are certified to provide our customers with the highest level of technical support and preferential access to new product upgrades.

12 month manufacturer warranty included.

MakerBot CLEAN AIR SYSTEM Technical Specifications

Filter technology
HEPA, Active Carbon
Filter efficiency
Up to 95%
Filter replacement
Recommended every 1,000 print hours
Compatible 3D printers
MakerBot Method, MakerBot Method X, MakerBot Method X Carbon Edition

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

Please also note, the MakerBot Method, Method X and Method X Carbon Edition are GREENGUARD Certified when printing in MakerBot Tough PLA with PVA Supports, without the Clean Air System. Contact us for more information.

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