Fuse Operator Kit

Fuse Operator Kit

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The CREAT3D Fuse series Operator Kit is a kit specifically designed to accompany a Formlabs Fuse 1 or Fuse 1+ 30W SLS 3D printer.

The kit contains all the tools & accessories for your SLS equipment, including:

  • 5x Distilled Water 500ml bottles

  • 1x pack of Alconox tablets (pack of 100)

  • 1x pack of Polyester cloth swabs (pack of 100 swabs)

  • 4x packs of Pec Pads (pack of 100)

  • 10x boxes of nitrile gloves (box of 100)

  • 1x FFP3 masks (box of 20)

  • 2x Delfin filter vacuum bags

  • 1x IPA Wipes (pack of 60) 

  • 1x IPA (1 litre)

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