Formlabs Form 4B Medical Basic Package

Formlabs Form 4B Medical Basic Package
Formlabs Form 4B Medical Basic PackageFormlabs Form 4B Medical Basic PackageFormlabs Form 4B Medical Basic Package
Formlabs Form 4B Medical Basic PackageFormlabs Form 4B Medical Basic PackageFormlabs Form 4B Medical Basic Package

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Form 4B by Formlabs is a blazing fast medical 3D printer that offers the most diverse materials library for healthcare.

Create biocompatible, sterilisable anatomical models and medical devices fast, with easy workflows, leading reliability, versatile materials, and stunning part quality using the Form 4B ecosystem.

The Form 4B fast speed is driven by Formlabs’ new Low Force Display™ (LFD) Print Engine, a powerful combination of ultra-high power LEDs, collimating lenses, optical filters, and a robust liquid crystal display. Together they cure each layer of resin rapidly, regardless of part size or quantity.

With a build size of 200mm x 125mm x 210mm, the Form 4B prints parts with tight tolerances in a wide range of medical, dental, general purpose and engineering materials. The 3D printed parts have tear-away light-touch supports, for easy clean-up.

Turn your ideas into reality faster than ever with easy workflows, leading reliability, and stunning part quality using the Form 4 ecosystem.

Key features of the Form 4B:

  • Designed to print with biocompatible resins for medical, healthcare and dental applications
  • LFD technology results in exceptionally fast print speeds, resulting in models and usable parts printed in minutes not hours
  • Enhanced light touch support structures that detach from parts in seconds to save post-processing time
  • Integrated sensors to monitor and maintain conditions for consistent performance
  • Versatility to print in a range of resins, with easy to swap tanks and cartridges
  • Automated post-processing solutions simplify and streamline the entire 3D printing workflow: Form Wash (2nd Generation)Form Cure and Form 4 Build Platform Flex

12 month manufacturer warranty included.

The Formlabs Form 4B Basic Package comes with:

  • 1x Form 4B 3D printer
  • 1x Form 4 Build Platform
  • 1x Form 4 Resin Tank
  • 1x Form 4 Mixer
  • 1x Form 4 Finish Kit
  • PreForm software (download)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 1 year Medical Pro Service Plan


Formlabs Form 4 Technical Specifications

Print Technology
Low Force Display (LFD)
Resin Fill System
Biocompatible Formlabs Form 4 Resins
Formlabs Form 4 Resins 1 litre cartridges
Form 4 Dimensions
398mm (w) x 367mm (d) x 554mm (h)
Max Build Size
200mm (w) x 125mm (d) x 210mm (h)
Layer Thickness (z resolution)
25 - 300 microns
XY Resolution
50 microns
Average Print Speed
(100 μm layer height)
40 mm/h
Maximum Print Speed
100 mm/h
Resin Tank Lifetime

 75,000+ layers with any Formlabs material 

Design file input format
Warranty and service
One year manufacturer warranty included
Paid service and extended warranty options available
System requirements
Windows 7 onwards
Mac OS X 10.12 onwards

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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