Formlabs Fleet Control

Formlabs Fleet Control

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Product code:  FL-SVC-FCTRL-12


Formlabs Fleet Control serves as the manager for your printer group to streamline your workflow and increase productivity, across your fleet of Formlabs SLA 3D printers.

Collaborate in one centralised Dashboard queue where multiple users can add, duplicate and prioritise prints at any time across a fleet of 3D printers. Ideal for use with the Form Auto for increased productivity.

Benefits of Fleet Control:

  • Consolidate real-time information — receive live updates and notifications about your prints, printers and groups. Review key statistics to maximise usage
  • Automatically assign prints — when a team member uploads a print to Dashboard, Fleet Control will automatically assign a printer for the print based on common consumables
  • Take control of user permissions — increase visibility over your team and into your printer fleet by setting admin and member access levels
  • Keep your printer group up-to-date — initiate mass printer firmware updates to the latest firmware or a chosen past firmware you have validated
  • Maximise throughput with 24/7 production — combine with Form Auto to fully automate your fleet of Form 3+ 3D printers that you can operate from anywhere

Fleet Control is operated through your Formlabs Dashboard; TracAccess is a single, easy-to-use platform to manage all the elements of your workflow including 3D printers, users, service plans and consumables. Track resin and tank usage over time to manage your consumable inventory.

Annual licence covers one printer.

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