Nexa3D xCE-Black Resin 5kg

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Nexa3D xCE-Black Resin 5kgNexa3D xCE-Black Resin 5kgNexa3D xCE-Black Resin 5kg
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Nexa3D xCE-Black Resin 5kg

Product code: NX-XCE-BLK

Part Number:  xCE Black



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Nexa3D xCE Black resin is a high performance single cure polymer fine-tuned for the Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer.


The resin formulation delivers higher flexural strength that is typically achieved only in dual cyanate ester resins. xCE has excellent isotropic properties and long-term environmental stability, making it well suited to injection moulding tools for PP, PE, HDPE and PETG.


Uses: End-use parts | Industrial components | Injection Moulding Tools


Colour: Black


Compatible with Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer

Nexa3D xCE Black Resin Technical Specifications





 Tensile Strength

 ASTM D638

 69 ± 2 MPa

 Tensile Modulus

 ASTM D638

 2.84 ± 0.13 GPa

 Elongation at Break

 ASTM D638

 3.0 ± 0.4%

 Flexural Strength

 ASTM D790

 135 MPa

 Flexural Modulus

 ASTM D790

 3.25 GPa

 IZOD Impact Strength (Notched)

 ASTM D256

 20 J/m

 Glass Transition

 DMA, E"



 ASTM D2240


Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.


Download Nexa3D xCE Resin Technical Data Sheet.PDF


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