Formlabs Rigid 10000 Resin (Form 4)

Formlabs Rigid 10000 Resin (Form 4)
 Formlabs Rigid 10000 Resin (Form 4)Formlabs Rigid 10000 Resin (Form 4) 

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Compatible with Formlabs Form 4 or 4B 3D printers only.

This glass-filled resin is the stiffest material in the Formlabs engineering portfolio. Choose Rigid 10K Resin for precise industrial parts that need to withstand significant load without bending. Rigid 10K Resin exhibits a smooth matte finish and is highly resistant to heat and chemicals.

The “10K” in the name represents the material’s tensile modulus. If you need a less stiff material, try Rigid 4000 Resin.

Each resin cartridge contains 1 litre. 

This version is compatible with Formlabs Form 4 and 4B only. 

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