Formlabs Fast Model Resin (Form 4)

Formlabs Fast Model Resin (Form 4)
 Formlabs Fast Model Resin (Form 4)Formlabs Fast Model Resin (Form 4) 

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Compatible with Formlabs Form 4 or 4B 3D printers only.

Fast Model Resin is the fastest Formlabs resin for use with the Form 4 and 4B LFD 3D printers.

Capable of printing at speeds of over 100 mm per hour, Fast Model Resin is designed to print large prototypes in less than two hours or medial models in minutes.

Fast Model Resin is a matte, soft grey colour.

The resin offers an optimal balance of fast print speed, high accuracy, strong mechanical properties, and an easy, reliable workflow. 

Each resin cartridge contains 1 litre. 

Compatible with Formlabs Form 4 and 4B only. Fast Model Resin is a new material formulation that leverages the Form 4 ecosystem to print three times faster than Draft Resin.

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