Formlabs Elastic 50A Resin (Form 4)

Formlabs Elastic 50A Resin (Form 4)

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Compatible with Formlabs Form 4 or 4B 3D printers only.

Elastic 50A Resin v2 is a soft, translucent elastomer with a 50A Shore durometer that is ideal for prototyping parts normally produced with softer rubbers and silicones. Parts printed in Elastic 50A Resin v2 will bend, stretch, compress, and hold up to repeated cycles without tearing, and spring back quickly to their original shape.

For a stiffer flexible material, we recommend Flexible 80A. For a more silicone-like material, we recommend Silicone 40A resin.

Key applications for elastic resin include

  • Wearables and consumer goods prototyping
  • Medical visual simulation and devices
  • Special effects props and models
  • Compliant features for robotics.

Each resin cartridge contains 1 litre. 

This version is compatible with Formlabs Form 4 and 4B only. 

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