FilaFab Filament Spool Winder

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 FilaFab Filament Spool WinderFilaFab Filament Spool Winder 
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FilaFab Filament Spool Winder

Product code: D3D-FF-SP-WND



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The FilaFab Filament Spool Winder is the ideal accessory to the FilaFab Filament Extruder, by assisting with spooling of extruded filament. Key features of the winder include:


Consistent Spooling: digital spool motor control and filament positioning slide provide excellent spool layer build up. An adjustable speed stepper motor controls the horizontal position of the filament.


Multiple modes: the winder operates in various modes including automatic and manual. In automatic mode switches and optical sensors are used to read the filament width in real time.


Easy to setup: the adjustable end-stops provide a quick and easy way to set the spool size, simply adjust to match the width of your spool



Filafab Filament Winder Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 120 to 220V AC

  • Maximum Power Consumption: 30W

  • Typical Spool Speed: 0 to 45 RPM

  • Horizontal Filament Positioning: 0.1mm/s to 10mm/s

  • Peripheral System Voltage: 12V & 5V

  • Maximum spool diameter: 218mm 



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