FilaFab Filament Extruder

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FilaFab Filament ExtruderFilaFab Filament ExtruderFilaFab Filament ExtruderFilaFab Filament Extruder
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FilaFab Filament Extruder

Product code: D3D-FF-EXT

Part Number:  FF-EXT-100



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The FilaFab Pro Ex is a plastic filament extruder, ideal for creating your own filament, and recycling previous printed parts or support material.


Designed and made in the UK, the FilaFab Filament Extruder is the ideal accessory to your FFF / FDM (extrusion) based desktop 3D printer. Create your own colour or combination of filament at 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter by re-using previous printed parts, waste material, filament cut-offs or pellets. The FilaFab filament extruder allows you to experiment with new materials. 


The FilaFab Pro Ex Filament Extruder comes as an assembled unit and features a number of safety aspects, including nozzle and auger guard, safe non latching controls and an emergency stop button.


Available in FilaFab Pro 100 Ex or FilaFab Pro 350 Ex variants. The FilaFab Pro 350 Ex has a more powerful motor and higher specification to enable a wider breadth of uses, with faster filament extrusion.


12 month manufacturer warranty included on all parts.



The FilaFab filament extruder allows you to create your own unique filament, from a new material combination to a personalised colour blend.



FilaFab filament extruder helps you to go green by recycling previously 3D printed parts, cast-offs, support or waste materials.



The FilaFab comes in 2 power variants: the Pro 100 Ex and Pro 350 Ex, so you can choose the extruder to fit your needs. If you plan on doing lots of experimenting and want filament super fast, the Pro 350 Ex is best for you.



The FilaFab Filament Extruder (Pro Ex range) comes with:


  • UK power pack & lead
  • Nozzle guard
  • Interchangeable nozzles (1.75mm, 3mm & "1mm blanks")
  • User manual

FilaFab Technical Specifications


  FilaFab Pro 100 Ex FilaFab Pro 350 Ex
Approximate dimensions 490mm (w) x 164mm (d) x 240mm (h) 640mm (w) x 164mm (d) x 240mm (h)
Weight 8kg 12kg
Operating voltage

120 - 220v AC

120 - 220v AC

Maximum power consumption 350W 650W
Maximum temperature 250°C 250°C
Typical auger speed (RPM)

10 RPM

5 - 30 RPM

Typical auger torque 20 N.m 45 N.m
Typical extrusion speed 250g / hour 800g / hour

What materials can I put through the FilaFab to make filament?

The FilaFab has been thoroughly tested using PLA and ABS filaments. Whilst you can experiment with other materials, it is worth remembering that what you put in, will need to run through your desktop 3D printer, so there will be limitations to the type of raw material. 


It is also important to note that FilaFab should always be used in a well-ventilated area and users should be careful of any fumes released when heating plastics/polymers. If unsure then consult a specialist.


What is the difference between the FilaFab Pro 100 Ex and FilaFab Pro 350 Ex?

The FilaFab Pro 350 Ex is the latest generation extruder and has a more powerful motor and higher specification to enable a wider breadth of uses, with faster filament extrusion, so is best suited to those who wish to create a lot of filament and experiment.


What size filament can the FilaFab produce?

There are interchangeable nozzles for the FilaFab, so you can extrude both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament.


What size raw material can I put in to the extruder?

All raw material needs to be in smaller pieces (maximum 8mm) before going into the hopper. If you are using pellets, please ensure they are within this size limitation. Alternatively, if you are using old 3D printed parts, support material or cut offs, they need to be cut into smaller pieces (max 8mm) prior to being placed in the hopper.




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