Formlabs Form 4 Mixer

Formlabs Form 4 Mixer
 Formlabs Form 4 MixerFormlabs Form 4 Mixer 

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The Form 4 Resin Mixer improves material performance by keeping resin homogenous in the tank during the printing process. The Resin Mixer is designed to regularly mix the resin to maintain consistency. It will also detect debris in the tank.

A Resin Mixer is required anytime you are printing. 

1x Resin Mixer is included with every Form 4 printer purchase. Resin Mixers typically last for the lifetime of your printer.

For ease of use, CREAT3D recommend having one Resin Mixer for each different resin used. However, a Resin Mixer can be washed, cleaned and used across different tanks and resins.

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