Dyeformer Dye Mix Black

Dyeformer Dye Mix Black
 Dyeformer Dye Mix BlackDyeformer Dye Mix Black 

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The Dyeformer Black Dye is a formulated dye mix for use with the 3DChimera Dyeformer.

A pre-mixed, non-toxic dye to colour 3D printed parts black, in just one hour.

End results will be dependent on the underlying base material.

Each bottle contains 16fl oz. 1 bottle per pack.

Technical Specifications

 Black Dye
Recommended Dye : Water Ratio (Grey Parts)

1 Bottle : 1 Tank

Recommended Dye : Water Ratio (White Parts)
2 Bottles : 1 Tank
Dye Reuse
 Reusable up to 30 days
Dye Life
 Approximately 10-20kg of finished parts, dependent on surface area

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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