1hr Phone / Video Training

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1hr Phone / Video Training

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Our Phone / Video Training sessions are an ideal way to shorten your 3D printing learning curve. We offer 3 different levels of training:


BASIC - excellent for those new to 3D printing

ADVANCED - ideal for those looking for print optimisation

EXPERT - the most detailed and bespoke session, including a pre-session analysis of your 3D printing to date


Each session is for 1 hour and can be taken as a series, or individually, depending on your existing level of 3D printer knowledge and experience. All CREAT3D training sessions are delivered by our highly experienced trainers with specialist desktop 3D printing knowledge. 


Select your preferred session(s) above before adding to basket.


Please see "Whats Included" tab below for further breakdown of the session types.


The training sessions can also be adapted for product specific sessions, such as Simplify3D or 3D scanning. For extended sessions or regular training sessions please contact us for a personalised quote. 



The 3D Printing Basics Training Session covers off the essential bites of knowledge to help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes, and shorten your learning curve in achieving the highest quality prints. The session covers:

  • 3D printing basics

  • Understanding different materials and their application

  • Introduction to your 3D printer (including calibration, print preparation and basic use)

  • Printer software best practise

  • Essential hints and tips



The 3D Printing Advanced Training Session is designed to enhance basic 3D printing knowledge levels, and can be useful as a refresher, or if you have a new 3D printer or different 3D printing technology. The session covers:

  • Advanced printer settings (including optimising your print settings for specific applications)

  • Detailed material insight (understanding different materials, their properties and advice on print settings)

  • File checking and error prevention

  • Hardware maintenance and servicing advice



The 3D Printing Expert Training Session offers a highly detailed and tailored training session, designed around your 3D printing requirements and experiences. The session covers:

  • Pre-session analysis, including successes and failures to date

  • Review of best practice

  • Designing for your 3D printer

  • Expert use of printer software

  • Latest materials and software functionality

  • Advanced applications for prints (including embedding components and sensors)

  • Review and planning for future printing projects 


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