Markforged Blacksmith

Markforged Blacksmith
Markforged BlacksmithMarkforged BlacksmithMarkforged BlacksmithMarkforged Blacksmith

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Product code:  MF-BS-0011


Markforged Blacksmith is advanced software for automated quality control for Additive Manufacturing.

By scanning parts while they print, the Markforged X7 is the only industrial-grade FFF 3D printer with in-process part verification.

Blacksmith is a subscription feature available through Eiger, the print preparation and printer management software for Markforged.

It scans, measures, and compares dimensional accuracy data of printed parts to their design files — giving manufacturers reliable parts right off the printer.

  • Verified prints off the printer — Get known accurate parts at the point of fabrication. Generate, compare, and automatically store quality reports for any part printed using Blacksmith
  • Accessible and integrated workflow — Integrate regular part inspection into your additive workflow with a single click. No specialised training or complicated inspection equipment needed
  • Confirmed fleet conformity — Print consistent, predictable parts across a global fleet. Remove any headaches about part variability
  • Controlled Additive quality process — Establish a standardised process for measuring additively manufactured parts
  • Expand Additive applications — Transition business critical parts from traditional manufacturing to Additive manufacturing with increased confidence in part quality

Annual or 3 Year subscriptions available. Compatible with Markforged X7.

1x Blacksmith licence required for each Markforged X7 3D printer.

1x Blacksmith Reference Bed required.




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