Nexa3D xCAST Resin 5kg

Nexa3D xCAST Resin 5kg
Nexa3D xCAST Resin 5kgNexa3D xCAST Resin 5kgNexa3D xCAST Resin 5kgNexa3D xCAST Resin 5kg

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Nexa3D xCAST resin 5kg, is specifically designed for the production of precision investment casting patterns on the Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer.

xCAST is an economical and scalable option, with a low ash content providing:

  • Clean burnout for a use with a variety of metals, including titanium and aluminium alloys
  • Fast pattern printing and draining for a variety of sizes as well as complex and light-weighted patterns
  • 20x productivity gain over traditional alternatives leveraging in-foundry or near-foundry tool-less production of precision patterns same day, not in weeks or months

xCast delivers precision patterns for rapid prototyping and series production that seamlessly integrate into the production foundry’s dip-shell or flask-type investment casting process, delivering tool-less semi-hollow plastic patterns in lieu of wax patterns. xCast patterns are processed similarly to wax without Autoclave and are flash fired from the ceramic mould.

Uses: Investment casting patterns for light-weighted structures and complex shapes, including generatively designed parts and assemblies in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Heavy Industry

Compatible with Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer.

Nexa3D xCAST Resin Technical Specifications




 Tensile Strength at Break

 ASTM D638

 6~13 MPa

 Young's Modulus

 ASTM D638

 120~290 MPa

 Elongation at Break

 ASTM D638


 Flexural Strength at Yield  ASTM D790  10~16 MPa
 Flexural Modulus  ASTM D790  240~270 MPa

 HDT @ 1.81MPa

 ASTM D648


 Shore Hardness

 ASTM D2240

 56~63 D

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

Download Nexa3D xCAST Resin Technical Data Sheet.PDF

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