Validate 3D Parts Before Printing

25 November 2022  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

The Markforged range of composite fibre and industrial high-temperature 3D printers combined with the smart Eiger software platform makes it easy to solve tough manufacturing problems.

The latest release from Markforged is Simulation. This powerful software is designed to take the guesswork out of the performance of the finished 3D printed part, by validating part strength and optimising parameters before printing.

Where total confidence is required in the strength and performance of the part, Simulation removes the need for repeat design-print-break test cycles, external part analysis and the "over-building" of parts - adding in too much reinforcing fibre or excess infill settings.

What benefits does Simulation bring?

Simulation is an automated way to validate part performance, through the Markforged print preparation software platform, Eiger. Simlation enables the user to validate a part prior to print and select an optimised print setting (with or without fibre), based on the unique required performance parameters.

  • Remove need for post-part analysis: Virtually test parts prior to printing, based on specific performance and load parameters to ensure the 3D printed parts will have the strength required for demanding industrial applications.
  • Reduce test cycles: Simulation is integrated into Eiger, so validating and optimising parts easily becomes part of the streamlined process for additive manufacturing, speeding up workflows and delivering the required part faster, removing the need for multiple repeat iteration test cycles
  • Reduce costs of 3D printed parts: Selecting from the optimised print settings generated by Simulation ensures the correct amounts of material and continuous fibres (if required) are used. This avoids over-built parts and wasted material, making the 3D printed part even more cost-effective.


How does Simulation work?

Simulation enables the Markforged user to validate part strength and stiffness. The software suggests optimised print configurations to reduce print time or material costs

When Simulation is active in Eiger. Once the part is loaded;

  1. Press Simulation - identify anchor and load surfaces, enter values for loads, Factor of Safety and Max Deflection (stiffness)
  2. Press Validate - run a simulation to assess whether the current part settings meet or fail the required performance parameters
  3. Press Optimise - if further optimisation is required, engage Simulation to generate multiple simulations to generate alternative print configurations. Select from range of print settings, according to your priorities of faster print time, or less material, whilst ensuring end part performance
  4. Press Print - print the original part settings, or after applying one of the optimised settings.


Interested in Simulation?

Already a Markforged user? Get your free trial of Simulation here: Free Trial*

New to Markforged? Speak with one of our Markforged specialists who will be able to run through your applications and set you up with a free Eiger trial account so you can experience the machine and software capabilities. Call us on 0800 689 1011 or book an appointment

*Simulation is compatible with all Markforged composite 3D printer models (Onyx One, Onyx Pro, Mark Two, X3, X5, X7 and FX20). The free trial expires on April 1, 2023, subject to earlier termination by Markforged at its discretion. Markforged expects to make the functionality available as a paid subscription at the end of the free trial period.