UP Box 3D Printer Review

Wednesday, 8 July 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
UP Box 3D Printer

The new UP Box 3D Printer arrives at CREAT3D: Our Review


The new, much anticipated, UP Box desktop 3D Printer arrived at our CREAT3D HQ last week and we have been putting it through it's paces ever since. 


We thought we'd share our views with you, so read on for some in-depth information on the UP Box 3D Printer and its capabilities.


So, to set the scene, the UP Box is the latest generation of desktop 3D printers from the UP range (its predecessor is the excellent ABS specialist, the UP Plus 2 3D Printer). The UP Box shares some of the DNA of the UP Plus 2, but with a number of enhancements, including a very decent build size of 255mm (w) by 205mm (d) by 205mm (h), in-built air filtration and on board controls. The UP Box also comes with an enclosed build space and the print pauses if you open the front door (great for schools). 


The UP Box is a true specialist ABS desktop 3D printer. Part of this capability comes from its enclosed chamber and perforated build platform (which we love as it adheres your print to the bed to help minimise warping - a common trait with ABS printing at desktop level). 


Now, one of the new features our CREAT3D Tech Geeks are loving is the flashing lights. No we haven't gone all gimmicky, they really are a great feature. With the new UP Box 3D Printer, its 

UP Box 3D printer light feature

name displays a sequence of lights, but those lights aren't just for show, they have a purpose. For example, pulsing green lights means "I'm ready to go", and blue pulsing lights means "I'm printing". A simple, but highly useful tool to see the status of your printer at a quick glance.


Other features that stand out are the fact that you can perform most printer functions using just the 3 buttons on the right hand side of the printer, and the inclusion of the Quick Reference Guide in the lid is very handy. There is a new "Turbo" setting that allows for faster draft prints. One other little touch is that the magnetic filament bay cover can be placed next to the printer to allow a feed of filament from a larger spool. Finally, the bed levelling and nozzle height calibration processes are also very simple. 

UP Box 3D printer light feature


All in all, the UP Box is a great all-round 3D printer with a specialist capability in ABS prints, and in our opinion produces one of the best surface finishes of any desktop 3D printer (and we've seen a few!). Furthermore, the UP Box has added in a number of enhancements over its predecessor, such as the larger build size, on-board controls and the enclosed print area. The fact that it can also print in PLA provides a great array of options, making the UP Box 3D Printer a great addition to your 3D printing line up. 


And finally on a side note, nothing to do with performance, but we think it looks great on your desk!


Contact the CREAT3D Team to discuss the UP Box 3D Printer in more detail, or place your pre-order now for the next available units.


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