Ultimaker Announce New PVA Removal Station

18 February 2022

The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station is the fast, effective and easy to use solution to removal of PVA supports from 3D printed parts, up to 4 times faster than manual solutions.


The Removal Station features a high-speed dissolving process driven by a magnetic rotor. The magnetic rotor circulates water in alternating directions, ensuring water reaches all of a print's cavities. The speed of the rotor is adjustable, with 'normal' speed for regular prints and 'low' speed for prints that are more fragile.

A rinsing basket comes with the PVA Removal Station, to keep prints in place and completely submerged, and the transparent, illuminated container enables users to easily follow the PVA removal process.

Removing PVA with the Ultimaker PVA Removal Station requires no harmful chemicals or additives. Regular tap water is all that is needed, and can be safely disposed of when the removal process is complete.

A top cover (which doubles as a print-transporting tray), a 'park' position for the rinsing basket, and a pouring spout in the container help keep work environments safe, clean and tidy.


Add the Ultimaker PVA Removal Station to your Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5 ecosystem for a seamless, reliable workflow.