UKs first-ever desktop carbon fibre 3D printer unveiled in Derby

30 June 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Mark One UK Launch

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25th June 2015


The UK’s first-ever desktop carbon fibre 3D printer unveiled in Derby


The UK’s first-ever high strength desktop 3D composite printer was launched this week by CREAT3D at Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE) at an event supported by Enscite.


This makes Derby the first city in the UK to have one of the world’s first desktop 3D composite printers that is set to revolutionise low cost design modelling and fast prototyping.


The new kit is a Mark One high strength desktop 3D composite printer, which can print parts with the strength of aluminium, giving the dependability of CNC parts with the flexibility of 3D printing.


It is in residence at Derby’s IISE, and represents a major investment initiative from the University of Derby, reinforcing its support for advanced manufacturing and engineering companies in the region.


Derby and IISE were selected as the place to launch the ground-breaking technology by CREAT3D, a company specialising in desktop 3D printers, which is working with the University of Derby, IISE and Enscite to bring the pioneering technology to the UK.


The launch event attracted representatives from manufacturing, industry, design and academia who saw the 3D printer’s capabilities demonstrated by experts from CREAT3D who explained the scope of the revolutionary technology, which even includes the ability to embed components such as electronics and smart chips during the print process.


“Desktop 3D printing is ideal for design modelling, fast prototyping, creating jigs and fixtures, and form, fit and function testing, at a low cost,” explains Richard Watkins, Head of Commercial Business Engagement at University of Derby.


“Designed, developed and produced by US company MarkForged, the University’s team is working with CREAT3D, IISE and Enscite to bring this pioneering technology to the UK, to unveil, showcase and demonstrate its modelling and prototyping capabilities.”


Speaking at the event Professor Richard Hall, Director of IISE, said: “The composite 3D desktop printer not only delivers exceptional capabilities to Derby’s manufacturers to enable time compression to get new products to the market place, but it also provides us the ability to research the development of smart components through embedding sensors in the printed materials. This has huge potential for the future. The technologies presented here are also affordable for local SME’s to engage with to challenge traditional ways of designing and manufacturing.”


The Mark One uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and CFF (Composite Filament Fabrication) to print functional parts with the ability to add reinforced fibres in Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, or Fibreglass, at low cost. This creates an unparalleled ability to create not only advanced prototypes, but also high strength end-use parts that can have components embedded in them during the print process.


Simon Chandler, Managing Director of CREAT3D adds "CREAT3D are proud to partner with the IISE and Enscite to launch the revolutionary Mark One Composite 3D Printer in the UK. The IISE offers an unparalleled ability to transfer knowledge of the latest technology into businesses in the local area. This knowledge transfer promotes innovation thus creating value and streamlining existing processes which ultimately results in better performance and therefore a stronger UK economy. CREAT3D select the best in 3D printer technology and then work with partners like the IISE and Enscite to put this technology into the hands of people who are best positioned to harness it."


To find out more about the Mark One Composite 3D Printer, contact CREAT3D on 0800 689 10 11 or email


To contact the IISE, phone 01332 592 527 or 01332 592 726, or email


The IISE achieves cutting-edge solutions to challenges facing SMEs by working in partnership with industrial partners, it is supported by Rolls Royce, Toyota and Bombardier. For information, visit:


CREAT3D is the UK’s leading independent specialist in desktop 3D printers. It is an IISE technology partner and the UK distributor for the Mark One Composite 3D Printer. See more at:


Enscite, based at IISE, is the support organisation for companies in the manufacturing supply chain. It is a joint venture of Derby City Council and Derby, Aston, and Cranfield Universities, and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Regional Growth Fund. For more information about Enscite visit:, Tel: 01332 593551, or Email:  Follow @EnsciteUK on Twitter.


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CREAT3D Ltd. CREAT3D is the UK’s leading specialist in desktop 3D printers, 3D scanners and accessories for business and education. The company, which began in 2012, is based in Berkshire and operates within the United Kingdom. CREAT3D’s showroom is based in Caversham, Reading. CREAT3D has a hand-picked product range specifically tailored to the needs of its business and education customers. The CREAT3D team prides itself on its detailed knowledge gained through using, and challenging, its range of products every day. CREAT3D focuses on offering first-class customer service with friendly, straight-forward help and advice, with technical support available 6 days a week and tailored training packages.


Further information about CREAT3D Ltd can be found here







Notes to editors: About Enscite

Enscite is a unique organisation, created to improve the performance of supply chain companies in the transport engineering sector. It offers a range of support services to manufacturers operating within or wanting to access the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors.


Enscite helps manufacturing businesses to grow and thrive. Utilising the expertise of world-class partners, it delivers practical business improvement programmes, runs supply chain workshops and leverages funding to support investments in new technology.


A collaboration between four founding partners - Derby City Council, The University of Derby, Aston University, and Cranfield University - its core objectives are:

* To build a high tech manufacturing cluster centred around the new Innovation Centre and Infinity Park, Derby;

* To improve innovation, growth and resilience amongst manufacturing businesses;

* To bring together supply chains to collate and share market intelligence;

* To work with OEMs and Tier 1’s to improve supplier performance;

* To build open innovation practices between transport engineering sectors to focus on common problems.


By 2020, Enscite aims to be recognised globally as the UK’s leading national centre for supply chain solutions and innovation in the transport engineering sector.


Tel: 01332 593551, web:, Twitter: @EnsciteUK.


The Centre for Supply Chain Innovation in Transport Engineering project is part financed by the East Midlands European Regional Development Fund Programme 2007 to 2013. The Department for Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the European Regional Development Fund Programme, which is one of the funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs. For more information visit


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