Top Tip: Embedding Components in 3D Printed Parts

26 June 2023  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
One of the most unknown, yet highly valuable functions in 3D printing is embedding components into your design, enhancing the functionality of your 3D printed part.
Off-the-shelf components such as threads, bolts, sensors and inserts can help elevate your 3D printed parts, providing a better performance, fit and versatility. This is easily achievable by using Markforged composite 3D printers - with an ability to accurately pause at a given height within the print process, the powerful function allows for parts to be embedded during the printing process, securely capturing the component in place, or even encasing it.

The range of components that can be embedded and combined is almost endless! Anything from RFID tags, sensors, Nylocs, electronic components to nuts and fasteners, and other off-the-shelf components such as reinforcing bars and magnets:

Our customers are already taking advantage of this feature; ECS Special Projects, based in Dorset UK, is a specialist manufacturer of mechanical equipment and assemblies for marine, sub-sea, and defence industries. Supplying clients internationally, ECS Special Projects specialises in the research, development, design and manufacture of bespoke EOD products and innovative ROV autonomous solutions. 

"We have been able to enhance the design of components for better functionality. Now, we have a flexible product that can be manufactured with or without threading – same design, easily adapted to each specific requirement. Due to 3D printing, we can choose to drop in a Nylon insert lock nut, or not, at the same low cost and short lead times.”

​Steve Randall, Operations Director, ECS Special Projects



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Explore the functionality for yourself

If you already own a Markforged 3D printer, we've put together a short video guide and written tutorial on how to pause and embed components. 

If you are new to Additive Manufacturing, or looking to expand your capabilities, request a test print or demo.