Specialist 3D printers at The Engineer Design & Innovation Show 2017

Wednesday, 17 May 2017  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

Specialist 3D printers for specialist applications.

CREAT3D showcase latest 3D printer technology at The Engineer Design & Innovation Show.


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CREAT3D will be presenting the latest technology developments in 3D printers at The Engineer Design & Innovation Show, part of Subcon 2017, on stand K71 at the NEC Birmingham from 6 to 8 June 2017.


Working across multiple industries and applications including Engineering and Manufacturing, the CREAT3D Team will show how these machines are used for tooling, jigs & fixtures, casings, enclosures, sacrificial parts, end-use parts, sales tools, moulds, components, casings, and more.


One of the highlights at the show will be the Markforged Mark X. This specialist machine is engineered to create high strength 3D printed parts, in some cases generating a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminium. Using a composite approach, the MarkForged uses Nylon or Onyx (Nylon with micro carbon fibres) as a base material, but has the option to incorporate Kevlar, Fibreglass or Carbon Fibre into the part, for enhanced functionalities and reinforcing fibres. The Mark X provides a large build volume and a laser displacement sensor enabling the user to test dimensional accuracy (to within 1 micron) at any designated point in the print.


Other products on display include SLA 3D printing with the Formlabs Form 2 for producing fine detail prints; independent dual extruder 3D printers such as the Leapfrog Bolt working with multiple materials including soluble supports for complex geometries; and other specialist material printers for specific prototype and design applications.


Free consultations

The CREAT3D team will be available to provide clarity on the selection of products offering different tools to suit different applications, and invite visitors to bring examples of parts they may wish to 3D print to discuss the feasibility of incorporating 3D printers into your business.


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The Engineer Design & Innovation Show, part of Subcon 2017, Stand K71.


The Engineer Design & Innovation Show is a comprehensive platform for design manufacturing services, brought to you by the UK’s leading B2B engineering publication, The Engineer. The event offers a one-stop shop for design engineers, showcasing products and services needed at the product design, prototyping and development stages of the manufacturing cycle.


Show open times:  6 to 8 June from 09.30 to 16.30 (16.00 close on Thursday 8 June), at the NEC Birmingham.


Register online at the Subcon website for tickets.


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