New Markforged X3, X5 & X7 Industrial Composite 3D Printer Series

16 August 2017  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

New product announcement.


Markforged X Series range image

We are pleased to announce the new Markforged Industrial Composite Series of 3D Printers: the Markforged X Series.

Markforged have expanded the successful industrial Mark X into a portfolio of three printers: X3, X5 and now X7.

All based on a large build volume of 330mm x 270mm x 200mm, the Markforged X Series provides a full range of industrial solutions for high-strength, functional 3D printed parts in engineering and manufacturing applications.

The X3 is the first entry-point within the range, printing in Onyx (Nylon with micro-carbon fibres), an engineering grade thermoplastic.

Markforged X5 imageMarkforged X3 image


The X5 builds upon the X3, printing in Onyx with the option to add in continuous strand reinforcing fibres of Fibreglass, for additional strength properties.


The X7 is the flagship model of the X Series range. Previously known as the Mark X, the X7 uses Onyx as a base material, and has the option of adding in reinforcing fibres of Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar or High Temp/High Strength Fibreglass. It also boasts an in-part laser inspection tool that enables you to test dimensional accuracy to within 1 micron.

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