Formlabs Faster Print Speeds and Larger Build Volumes

1 March 2024  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

Marginal Gains with Formlabs

Formlabs, the experts in the development and manufacture of SLA and SLS 3D printers have been pushing boundaries once again. 

With the release of PreForm 3.34.0, there are new features that can unlock new printing capabilities, all without any hardware changes:

  1. Increased build heights for users of Form 3+ and 3L
  2. Faster print speeds for users of the Fuse series

Bigger build volume

The available print height has been increased by 4% for desktop printers and 7% for bench top SLA 3D printers. This translates to more design freedom and the ability to tackle larger projects.

Form 3+ range is now 193mm, and Form 3L range is 320mm.

This change has been enabled through removing a previous height restriction which was in place to reduce the risk of hitting the resin tank or clipping the edge of the printer when removing a part. 

Word of caution! It’s important to be careful when removing tall prints from the printer. The best way to do this is to remove the tank and print simultaneously for a smooth extraction. 

  % increase New build height Previous build height
Form 3 / B / + 4% 193mm 185mm
Form 3L / 3BL 7% 320mm 300mm

Faster Print Speeds in SLS

The software update sees 25% faster print speeds in the Fuse SLS series. This is twice as fast as other available bench top SLS printers.

The increase in speed comes from optimising the laser’s scan pattern for efficiency, rather than geomotric simplicity. As the laser moves across the top layer of powder, sintering particles together into a cross-section of the desired shape, it avoids extended pauses, maintaining a higher up-time rate.

What does this mean in reality? 95% of fully packed Nylon 12 Powder prints can be completed in less than 14 hours, with typical builds finishing in just seven hours. This dramatic speed increase allows for faster turnaround times and increased production capacity. 

The latest in the Fuse line-up, the Fuse 1+ 30W 3D printer sees the fastest print speeds, increasing your efficiency and part turnaround time.

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Existing user? Download Formlabs PreForm 3.34.0 to access these benefits.