Formlabs add Nylon 12 GF to Powder Materials Family

7 March 2022

Nylon 12 GF Powder from Formlabs is a brand new glass-filled material, ideal for producing stiff, thermally stable parts using the Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing ecosystem.

This new material combines the utility of Nylon 12 with the rigidity and heat resistance of glass filler, making it the go-to material of choice for any application requiring sustained load-bearing ability and elevated thermal resistance.


Nylon 12 GF Powder is ideal for parts that require high rigidity and thermal stability, allowing companies in the automotive, aerospace, and product development industries to create industrial grade parts in-house, instead of relying on outsourcing and raw materials being in ready supply.

This new powder material is ideal for:

  • Prototyping or small batch production of functional parts
  • High dimensional accuracy and low warpage
  • Parts undergoing sustained loading
  • Dimensional accuracy at elevated temperatures

Nylon 12 GF Powder can also be printed with a refresh rate of 30% to 50% to minimise material waste.

Order new Nylon 12 GF Powder now, or reach out to our Additive Experts to discuss SLS 3D printing for your business.