First impressions: review of the CubePro desktop 3D printer

Monday, 14 July 2014  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
New CubePro 3D Printer review image

Following on from our review of the new Cube 3 3D printer, we also gained a sneak peak at the new CubePro desktop 3D printer from 3D Systems. Read on for our first impressions.


CubePro Style

The CubePro desktop 3D printer is big, yet sleek and very modern looking. The CubePro is an evolution of the CubeX range. It shares a lot of the same parts and features, with improvements made to lots of different areas, leading to an advanced next generation. 


Advanced 3D printer functionalities

The CubePro can print in ABS, PLA & Nylon at 70 microns, giving great versatility. As with the CubeX it comes in one, two or three head versions and still retains the large build volume that the CubeX provides.


However, the big changes are the enclosed and heated build chamber and the new colour touchscreen interface. The enclosed and heated build chamber will mainly be advantageous for those tricky ABS prints, helping to reduce warping and lifting off the print bed. The colour touchscreen is intuitive and simple and many of the previous functions have been streamlined.


Easy to use

Levelling the bed and setting the Z gap on the CubePro is now a more simplified process, with both functions being completed in one process by turning three different rounded knobs situated underneath the print bed.  


Enhanced 3D print quality and software

The CubePro looks like a really good all-round desktop 3D printer. From what we’ve been told, the print quality will have taken a step forward and it seems as though a lot of work has gone into the software side of things as well.


For example, one thing that stood out for us, is the CubePro's ability to bridge large gaps unsupported, meaning you can create prints which previously would have needed support material. 



The CubePro range of desktop 3D printers will be available in the coming weeks.


Pre-order the CubePro, CubePro Duo & CubePro Trio desktop 3D printers.


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