First impressions: Cube 3 & CubePro 3D printers review

Wednesday, 2 July 2014  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
New Cube 3 desktop 3D printer review image

We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at both the new CubePro desktop 3D printer and Cube 3 home 3D printer from 3D Systems. Read on for our first impressions.


Overall, we were very impressed with both printers, they look great and have some excellent features. Here, we focus on the Cube 3 stylish 3D printer with a review of the CubePro to follow.


Cube 3 Style

Our main excitement was around seeing the Cube 3 in white, which just looks awesome from the photos. However we were only able to see the grey one in action, not that we were disappointed. It’s a great looking printer (if looks matter!) and in our opinion is the best looking home 3D printer in the market place.


Dual extruder, dual-material

The Cube 3 home 3D printer comes with dual-head extruders as standard and can print in both PLA and ABS at 70 microns, giving it great flexibility and a good print standard.


Simply designed

Everything about the Cube 3 home 3D printer is designed with simplicity in mind, from transferring a file over Wi-Fi, to levelling the build plate and installing a cartridge. The Cube 3 shares the same slick colour touchscreen functionality as featured on the new CubePro range.   


Easy load cartridges

The killer piece of functionality with this printer is the Cube cartridges. Firstly they are easy to install, just snapping into place, but the main advantage is that each cartridge has its own print jet pre-attached, so no more purging when swapping between PLA and ABS. One cartridge, one nozzle.


All this for just over a thousand pounds including VAT.  We love it.


The Cube 3 3D printer is due out in the UK later this month. You can read more about the tech specs and pre-order it with CREAT3D.


Our CubePro desktop 3D printer review will follow shortly.


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