CubePro Duo review

Thursday, 11 September 2014  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
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We received our first batch of the new CubePro desktop 3D printers from 3D Systems last week and have been putting them through their paces! Read on for our review of the CubePro Duo


The CubePro range comes in a variety of single, dual and triple-head extruders, starting from £2,400.00 incl. VAT (£2,000.00 excl. VAT). Our 3D printer of choice was the CubePro Duo which offers a large print bed with dual nozzles that can be used for different materials or colours in the print. 


Set up

Unboxing the printer and set up is well thought out and straight-forward. The packaging is easy to remove, with the packaging pulling straight off (rather than having to extract the printer out). And first impressions are great - the CubePro is sleek, stylish and professional.


Calibration and first print

We would recommend following the Start Guide as it is well staged for running through set-up. The calibration tests provided are useful to check the bed is level and aligned, ready for printing. The calibration process has been streamlined from its predecessor, the CubeX, with large knobs to adjust the build plate level and set the Z Gap.


Connecting to the Wi-Fi network was super quick - simply select the network and enter the appropriate password and you're online! Our CubePro had a new firmware version available so we downloaded it via Wi-Fi, a nice touch to ease usability.



We have done some rather large prints in ABS (yes we said ABS and large in the same sentence) and are really impressed with the results. The CubePro handles it really well, we haven't experienced any warping and we've printed a variety of parts. We think the enclosed heated build chamber has created a really consistent print environment, hence the results we are seeing.



The CubePro is a sleek, professional looking desktop 3D printer that handles large prints well. It is easy to use, with advanced functionalities in the

proprietary software and produces good quality parts. Nylon cartridges are coming soon and we can't wait to have a play with those too.


CubePro Duo in stock now, available for next day delivery. Priced at £2,760.00 incl. VAT (£2,300.00 excl. VAT). Read the full Tech Specs and order now.


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