CREAT3D adds MarkForged's Mark One 3D Printer to range

7 May 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Mark One Composite 3D printer image

We are very excited to announce we have added the new Mark One Composite 3D Printer and Mark One Professional Kit by MarkForged to our existing product line-up.


The new Mark One Composite 3D Printer is a revolutionary desktop 3D printer that creates high strength 3D printed parts. With dual extruders, the Mark One uses FFF & CFF technologies to print Nylon parts with reinforced fibres in Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass and Kevlar (see full range), producing functional parts that can be stronger than aluminium, ideal for engineering applications to create prototypes, jigs and tooling.


As MarkForged's UK's representative, we are thrilled to offer this incredibly functional and intelligent desktop 3D printer to our range. We have been test printing on our demo model and are seeing fantastic results.


Available to order now. Priced from £3,850.00 excl. VAT.  Reserve yours or contact us to request a test print.


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