CogniCAD Competition: Win 50 Free Generative Design Tokens

Monday, 23 March 2020  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

During these difficult times, ParaMatters have decided to make CogniCAD available to engineers working from home to improve the productivity of your smart working. 


CogniCAD is an advanced generative design software, taking existing CAD models and re-engineering them to be optimised for Additive Manufacturing or Investment Casting processes. The software is a perfect solution for effective remote working, while leveraging from cloud computing, the most advanced and modern algorithms allowing generation of unprecedented design quality.


For the first 500 requests, ParaMatters will activate Basic CogniCAD accounts for engineers, with 50 complimentary tokens to allow you to generate and optimise your parts, and enjoy the incredible features of CogniCAD.


Register for CogniCAD to create or load tokens to your CogniCAD account.


CogniCAD flow is very intuitive and easy to use:

  • Create a design space in any CAD system and import into CogniCAD in .STEP/.STP format

  • Please note when you prepare an initial .STEP file prior to importing into CogniCAD, this should be an assembly:

    • Non-design areas laying inside design domain and .STEP is exported as an assembly - the CAD model should be built in parts assembling environment, NOT in a multibody environment

    • Make sure all parts and solid bodies and watertight

  • Import .STEP in CogniCAD and follow the flow - define material properties, design and non-design regions, loads and design goals



For a bit of fun, share your optimised file with ParaMatters by making it visible on the ParaMatters website. Partnering up with Nexa3D, the best 3 models will be printed on the NXE400 3D printer and shipped directly to you. View the optimised designs submitted so far.


Let's beat Coronavirus and explore new opportunities together: CogniCAD Fight CoronaVirus Action.


Stay Safe


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