CEL Robox 3 month review

Friday, 27 March 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
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The new British designed CEL Robox desktop 3D printer arrived with us in December last year. This smaller desktop 3D printer packs a lot of features into its compact frame, and offers a lot for your money.


As a Robox Affiliate Partner we know this printer inside out, literally (we built one during intensive training sessions!). Here’s a round-up of our first 3 months with the Robox.

Lots of features

The CEL Robox is an innovative 3D printer with tonnes of features.  To include just a few are: dual nozzles of different sizes (0.3mm and 0.8mm); an enclosed print chamber to offer improved consistency of print; PEI heated bed to make prints stick during printing yet easy to remove after printing; automatic build platform levelling; pause and resume print functions, and more.


Big improvements

Whilst the Robox is not standalone, i.e. needs to be controlled via the AutoMaker software on your laptop or computer, it is intended to be sat with the user to receive instant feedback on the development of the part. There is also now a new feature that allows multiple Robox printers to be connected to just one PC, making it easier in an office / workshop / school environment if space on desks presents an issue.


Since the 3D printer’s release we have seen a number of software and firmware automated updates, creating huge improvements in the user interface, particularly during calibration where there are now clear detailed illustrations of the process. There is also a speed slider to instantly increase or decrease the speed of the print, and we like the useful lay flat function.


These updates have also created improved reliability and print performance for the Robox, and we are seeing excellent repeat prints time and time again. 

The future brings even more

In later Spring we hope to see the release of the dual-material upgrade kit which will allow even further flexibility in dual colour or dual material printing, maximising the use of those dual nozzles. In other developments, we will also see other materials released for the printer, widening its scope yet further.


We have already experimented with printing in ColorFabb's high strength XT filament and had really good results.


So overall…

The Robox is a great desktop companion, ideal for running off designs quickly and to a good standard. It is a cleverly designed and well thought out printer, built with the ability to be flexible and change in the future. Whilst, as with all new technology there has been some steep learning, the Robox team are doing just that, constantly reinventing and updating software, hardware and functionalities to give the best results possible. At under a thousand pounds, we think it’s an excellent investment.


CEL Robox available now for next day delivery. Priced at £833.25 excl. VAT (£999.90 incl. VAT). Read the full Tech Specs and order now. Installation and training packages available available, with prices starting from £99.00 excl. VAT.


Range of Robox SmartReel filament and ColorFabb 1.75mm XT filament available in stock to buy, with prices starting from £20.83 excl. VAT per spool.


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