Blazing Print Speeds: Formlabs Announce Form 4 3D Printer

17 April 2024  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George

Wednesday 17th April 2024

New Product Announcement

The new Formlabs Form 4 combines the power of Formlabs resin printers with the speed of masked SLA technology for blazing fast printing.

A new resin printer that prints at high speed with incredible precision and accuracy. Most parts are printed in under two hours, or quick models in just minutes.

Together with the expansive and versatile material range, Form 4 and its biocompatible version Form 4B unlock new opportunities for innovation. The new printers use Low Force Display™ technology to deliver blazing-fast prints.

Featuring a 30% larger build volume of 200mm x 125mm x 210mm. The Form 4 and 4B have up to four times faster print speeds than previous Form Series printers.

Available in both Basic and Complete packages.




CREAT3D excited to launch in the UK

Our team were thrilled to be the only UK partner to launch the new Form 4 as part of the global announcement. During MACH Show, we revealed the new printer and it got quite the reception. Here's a few photos from the launch day!