3D printing in ColorFabb XT on the CEL Robox

Monday, 24 August 2015  |  Sabina Gonzalez-George
Printing in XT on CEL Robox

3D Printing in ColorFabb XT on the CEL Robox

Our Technical Team like to experiment every so often and have a play with new materials, or different materials on different 3D printers.


This time it was the CEL Robox 3D Printer that was our target, with ColorFabb's XT filament in the testing zone.


Read on for how we got on.


Why this printer & filament combination?

One of the features of the CEL Robox 3D printer is its flexibility in printing a range of materials. Currently there are Robox SmartReels available in PLA and ABS, and HIPS has just recently been announced.


The SmartReels can be re-programmed to spool a different material on to them, to use easily with the Robox, so we did just that, with ColorFabb XT.


Why did we choose XT? Well, as a co-polyester, specifically developed for 3D printing, it is a great material that has features similar to ABS but is so much easier to print with. We particularly like it's higher strength and higher post-processing temperature which makes the material ideal for more engineering applications such as prototype testing and one-off components or casings (you can check out the full features of the material under the Tech Specs section). 


Robox 3D printed parts in ColorFabb XT

The 3D printing process

Well, in short, it was a straight-forward process! Whilst we did need to tweak some of the settings (as you would expect from using a different filament), the Robox handled ColorFabb XT very nicely indeed.


We increased temperature of the nozzle and heated bed from that of standard PLA settings, but otherwise we kept the default settings for Speed & Cooling. Our test prints of the Helix and the Carabiner were printing at 15% infill with a layer height of 200 microns.


The finished prints had a great surface finish, with no "stringing" of the material. The Helix was printed without any support structures, and the combination of the printer with the XT filament has bridged between the two main stems really well.


Top tips: Our print settings

Obviously print settings may vary depending on the set up of your Robox, but below are the settings that we used to get our successful XT 3D prints.


    Nozzle temperature: 235°C

    Print bed temperature: 75°C

    Layer height: 200 microns

    Density / Infill: 15%

    Top/bottom layers: 3

    Speed: various between 20mm/s and 35mm/s


    Using ColorFabb XT on the Robox 3D printer definitely gets our thumbs up for ease of use and excellent results. 


    ColorFabb XT 1.75mm filament comes in a wide array of colours, in stock available on next day delivery.


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