Markforged Vega (PEKK) 3200cc

Markforged Vega (PEKK) 3200cc
Markforged Vega (PEKK) 3200ccMarkforged Vega (PEKK) 3200ccMarkforged Vega (PEKK) 3200cc

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Vega is an ultra-high-performance Carbon Fibre filled PEKK material, specifically designed by Markforged for 3D printing critical aerospace components on the Markforged FX20 industrial 3D printer.

A material with thermal stability, Vega incorporates PEKK, a proven material in aerospace that possesses excellent strength and stiffness. Vega is ideal for replacing aesthetic and non-critical Aluminium and PEKK parts.

Vega is compatible with continuous Carbon Fibre reinforcement and provides an excellent surface finish, delivering high strength and FST (Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity) resistance.

Each filament spool contains approx. 3200cm3 of material. Vega spools are lot-qualified and traceable.
Vega 3200cm3 spools are designed for use with the Markforged FX20.

Colour: Black

Compatible with Markforged FX20 3D printer model.


Markforged VEGA Filament Technical Specifications

Download Markforged Vega material datasheet.PDF

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