Markforged Onyx ESD Filament

Markforged Onyx ESD Filament
 Markforged Onyx ESD FilamentMarkforged Onyx ESD Filament 

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Markforged Onyx ESD is a high-performance static dissipative version of Onyx. 

Specially formulated from a Nylon blend with micro carbon fibres and a precise quantity of a conductive additive (which gives it its electrically dissipative properties), it has an extremely tight surface resistance and is stronger and stiffer than Onyx while maintaining an impeccable surface finish.

Ideal applications: Electronics manufacturing industry

Onyx ESD can be reinforced with any of the Markforged fibres of Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass (including HSHT) or Kevlar.

Each MarkForged Onyx ESD filament spool contains approx. 800cm3 of material.

Compatible only with the Markforged Industrial range: X3, X5, X7 and FX20 3D printers

Markforged Onyx ESD Technical Specifications

Markforged material properties data sheet.PDF

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