Markforged Onyx 3200cc Spool

Markforged Onyx 3200cc Spool

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Onyx 3200cm3 spools are designed for use with the Markforged FX20.

Markforged Onyx filament is a high quality 3D printing material.  A Nylon embedded with micro carbon-fibres, Onyx produces prints with good stiffness and a high temperature resistance, up to 145°C, making it ideal for use in parts subjected to higher loads, stresses or temperatures.

Onyx can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with adding reinforced fibres in Kevlar, Fibreglass, High Temperature Fibreglass or Carbon Fibre. With a matt black appearance, Onyx can also be used to produce end-use component parts.

Each MarkForged Onyx filament spool contains approx. 3200cm3 of material.

Compatible with Markforged FX20 3D printer.

Markforged Onyx Technical Specifications

Markforged material properties data sheet.PDF

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