Markforged Fibreglass CFF Spool 150cc

Markforged Fibreglass CFF Spool 150cc
 Markforged Fibreglass CFF Spool 150ccMarkforged Fibreglass CFF Spool 150cc 

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This is the 150cc Fibreglass spool

Markforged Fibreglass CFF Spool is a high quality reinforcing fibre for use with the Markforged range of 3D printers.

Fibreglass filament provides a strength similar to Carbon Fibre, but with a lower stiffness (approx. 40% as stiff) and 2x the weight, as well as being electrically insulating.

There are two spool sizes available: 50cc or 150cc. 

Compatible with Markforged Mark Two, Onyx Pro, X5, X7 and FX20 models.

Markforged Fibreglass Technical Specifications

Markforged material properties data sheet.PDF

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