Print Strong, Lightweight Parts


The only way to 3D print parts stronger than aluminium on your desktop, with reinforcing fibres in Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Fibreglass. The Mark Two from Markforged is the best-in-class professional composite 3D printer.

Print replacement metal components, end-use parts and prototypes to dramatically reduce costs and shorten lead times.

And with 15% off until 31st March 2021.





strong, lightweight, precision parts

Benefit from printing precise parts with excellent surface finish. Produce strong, stiff, durable parts with continuous fibre reinforcement in Kevlar, Fibreglass or Carbon Fibre.

The Mark Two is Markforged's flagship desktop composite 3D printer, manufactured with aluminium chassis and precision-machined components. The Mark Two is a reliable, purpose-built 3D printer that improves over time, with free software updates adding further functionalities and print options.

Embed components & apply marking during print

Excellent surface finish base composite materials

Fibre reinforcement    


Set automatic pauses during the build to embed components (RFID tags, nuts, bolts, sensors). 

Mark parts for easy identification on the factory floor.


Onyx: micro carbon fibre filled Nylon. Excellent chemical & heat resistivity. Non-marring.

Nylon: smooth, white Nylon. Non-marring. Excellent for priming and painting


Carbon Fibre: Stiff, strong and lightweight. Yields parts capable of replacing machined aluminium

KevlarExtremely durable and abrasion resistant, ideal for harsh environments

FibreglassLow cost alternative to Carbon Fibre. 11x times stiffer than ABS.

Also available as HSHT Fibreglass (High Strength High Temperature) Fibreglass for higher resistivity


The Mark Two operates with advanced software, Eiger.

Intuitive, with enhanced functionality, cloud-based Eiger allows you to:

  • Prepare you design for printing, including orientation
  • Specifiy composite materials base (Onyx or Nylon)
  • Specify and set reinforcing fibres (Kevlar, Fibreglass, Kevlar or High Temp Fibreglass)
  • Manage print queue and printers across multiple users and/or locations




Fastlane, Integrated Design Limited


Expert Tooling & Automation


Security Entrance Control Manufacturer use Markforged for R&D, bespoke end-use parts and assembly jigs.

  • Re-defined business process resulting in bespoke products in 8-10 weeks

  • Ability to produce previously cost & time prohibitive end-use parts

  • Up to 95.5% cost reduction for production aids and tools

  • Achieve right-first-time applications with bespoke jigs


Engineering Design Consultancy use Markforged for replacement end-use parts.

  • ROI on initial equipment in less than 3 months, adding 2nd and 3rd machines within 9 months

  • Clients receive 3D printed solutions to their design and manufacturing problems within days

  • Competitive advantage through ability and agility to respond quickly 

  • New revenue streams through offering 3D printed end-use components at lower cost, with enhanced functionality and reduced weight


Tooling & Automation Systems Manufacturer use Markforged for assembly jigs and fixtures.

Single application yielded:

  • Part redesigned from 4 components to 1

  • 96% cost saving, from £300 to £10.07

  • 98% lead time reduction, from 3 weeks to 10 hours

  • Removal of need for internal purchasing or external supplier management

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