Formlabs Nylon 11 Powder 6 kg

Formlabs Nylon 11 Powder 6 kg
 Formlabs Nylon 11 Powder 6 kgFormlabs Nylon 11 Powder 6 kg 

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Formlabs Nylon 11 Powder is for use with the Formlabs Fuse 1 3D printer, for printing ductile, robust parts.

Nylon 11 Powder is a higher performance, bio-based Nylon material for functional prototyping and small batch production. This material is suitable for printing parts that need to bend or take impact, for example: impact-resistant prototypes, jigs, and fixtures, snaps, clips, and hinges, thin-walled ducts and enclosures.

Utilise Nylon 11 Powder for:

  • High ductility - print end-use parts that can handle wear and tear over time
  • Thin walls - print enclosures, ducts, and other geometries with ease using Nylon 11 Powder
  • No nitrogen purge - 3D print in Nylon 11 in-house without the hassle of other SLS 3D printers
  • Environmental stability - Nylon 11 prints absorb very little moisture and are resistant to light, heat, and chemicals

Nylon 11 Powder is certified biocompatible.

Compatible with Formlabs Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift.

Nylon 11 Powder 6 kg.

FORMLABS NYLON POWDER Technical Specifications

 Nylon 11       
Nylon 12        
 Nylon 12 GF            
Ultimate Tensile Strength
 49 MPa   50 MPa   38 MPa
Tensile Modulus
 1.6 GPa   1.9 MPa   2.8 GPa
Elongation at Break (X/Y)
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 0.45 MPa     
Refresh Rate

NB: Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and setting.


Download Formlabs Nylon 11 Powder technical data sheet PDF

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