colorFabb PETG Economy Red 2.85mm 2.2kg

colorFabb PETG Economy Red 2.85mm 2.2kg

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Economy PETG Red in 2.85mm is a high quality PET based filament by colorFabb.

colorFabb PETG Economy is a modified PET 3D printer filament, offering excellent functionality with good durability, layer adhesion and a higher temperature resistance, making it ideal for engineering applications.

Developed and produced by the same processing technology as colorFabb's other premium filament products, the quality and reliability of PETG is assured.

Each colorFabb Economy PETG spool contains approx. 2.2kg of filament.

colorFabb PLA Technical Specifications

colorFabb PETG Economy
Available diameter(s)
Diameter tolerance
± 0.1 mm
Spool size
Recommended print temperature
235°C - 255°C
Recommended bed temperature
70°C - 80°C (if available). Heated bed not required
Recommended print speed
30 - 50mm/sec
Cooling fan
For best aesthetics use 75% - 100% fan cooling, to give the best performance on overhangs and small details.
For best mechanical performance colorFabb suggesting printing with the least amount of cooling needed, for optimal layer adhesion.
Spool hub hole
Spool diameter
Glass transition temperature
1.28 g/cm3
Compatible with wide range of FDM / FFF 3D printers which accept 2.85mm or 1.75mm filament
Storage conditions
For best results, store in air-tight container

NB: Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and setting.

Download colorFabb PETG technical data sheet PDF

Download colorFabb PETG safety data sheet PDF

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