CEL Robox Single Material QuickFill Head V2

CEL Robox Single Material QuickFill Head V2
 CEL Robox Single Material QuickFill Head V2CEL Robox Single Material QuickFill Head V2 

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Product code:  CEL-RBX01-S2

CEL Robox

Replacement Single Material Print Head for Robox 3D printers. 

This replacement print head has 2 nozzles, both of which are fed from a single material feed. The large 0.8mm nozzle can be used to create fast and draft parts, or to quickly fill the internal parts of a print. The 0.3mm nozzle is well suited for smaller details and very low layer heights.

Version 2. Includes range of upgrades including:

  • Titanium Heat Bridge: All-metal construction allows printing at higher temperatures (>280°C) and the new titanium bridge allows for higher flow rates
  • Silicone Thermal Jacket: Improves heat-up time, reduces power requirement, increases thermal accuracy and keeps the nozzles clean
  • New needle seal design for improved reliability
  • Modified head housing for improved connection reliability with the x-carriage
  • Improved heatsink with more cooling fins and more efficient thermodynamic performance
  • PTFE liners where the filament passes through the heatsink, reducing friction and allowing for higher flow rates

Compatible with the CEL Robox & CEL RoboxDual desktop 3D printers.

Some simple assembly is required.