BigRep PRO HT Black 2.85mm Filament 8kg

BigRep PRO HT Black 2.85mm Filament 8kg

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BigRep PRO HT Black is a high temperature resistant filament, designed to be used with the BigRep large format 3D printers. 

The high temperate thermoplastic material provides temperature resistance to 115°C and is derived from organic compounds. 

Designed to be printed on the BigRep 3D printers at moderate printing temperatures with higher speeds, with little warpage and shrinkage, this material is a good option for more functional large models, parts and components.

BigRep Pro HT Black filament is 2.85mm in diameter. 8kg spool.

BigRep Pro HT material technical specifications

BigRep Pro HT (High Temperature) Bio-polymer
Recommended print temperature
195°C - 205°C
Recommended bed temperature
55°C - 60°C
Glass transition temperature
VST (ISO 306 VST A 120)
Impact strength (ISO 179)
216 KJ/m2
Tensile strength (ISO 527)
44 MPa
Flexural modulus (ISO 178)
2600 MPa
Compatible with BigRep large format 3D printers

NB: Properties and settings may vary depending on printer type and setting.

Download Bigrep Pro HT Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

Download Bigrep Pro HT Technical Data Sheet PDF